Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. (Psalm 118:1NIV)

Today is Thanksgiving, we pause to say thank you Lord and reflect on the Lords goodness and mercies toward us, blessings seen and unseen and too numerous to name.  So much is going on in this country and when we gather together with family and friends and break bread, let us remember the pastor and congregation in Southerland Texas, the earth has no sorry heaven cannot heal, let us not forget those ravished by hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires. Despite trials and tribulations, Psalm 118 reminds us that the Lord is good, and the Lords love endures forever.  In all circumstances give thanks because our Lord will work it out in your favor if you only believe.   No matter what it looks like, the valley reminds us there is a mountaintop, and it keeps us humble, and the mountaintop is a reminder that the Lord will work it out and we have the Victory in Christ Jesus. When we have done all, we can stand back and see the salvation of the lord.  This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for my family and strength in the Lord, no matter what I go through, I know the lord is trying to grow me and strengthen me for what the Lord has planned for my life.  But as the song’s lyrics state if the Lord does not do anything else, he’s done enough. Let us always give thanks because the lord is sovereign and although we cannot trace the lord at times, we must continue to Trust the Lord like King David, because the Lord is good, and his Love endures forever.  Remain Encouraged. God Bless you.