The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps. (Proverbs 16:9 ESV)

One thing I always enjoy about bringing in the New Year, it is an opportunity to set a few new goals, whether you keep them or not, that is a different story.  The fact that we think about goal setting is still a good thing.  I not only like to set goals, but I want to complete them. I enjoy getting to the finish line, leaving something unfinished is not a very comforting feeling for me.  So, if it’s a book I am reading, a course I am taking, I want to complete it, no matter how unbearable the class might have been.  There have been some things I started, and God knows I tried to walk away. I no longer wanted to be challenged, but God was in the plan, so I forged ahead because I knew God had something to do with the course charted; so, I strapped in and allowed Jesus to take the wheel.  

Since becoming a Pastor my brother who is finishing up his PhD in Texas, visited the church and when he stood up, surprisingly he mentioned my goal setting characteristics.  Thanks, my brother what a compliment, he was competitive, and I would say “I am not competing with you buddy, do you.”  Having three brothers I guess that is bound to happen.  I never considered myself competitive, unless I was playing a team sport. The keyword for me is “team” Unfortunately, there is competitiveness in the body of Christ, and I want nothing to do with it, I am working for Jesus.  So, keep that crap away from me unless we are on the same team, the God squad.

Anyway, it is nice to always have a plan, but as the proverb mentions, the Lord determines one’s steps.  I thought I was going to law school, I became a Registered Nurse and because of my nursing, I opened a few related businesses in the service industry relating to healthcare. I thought I was going to college in the south. Instead, I went to school upstate New York.  There were many plans in my heart, but the lord determined the outcome.  I am glad today that the Lord established my steps, they were not always easy steps, scripture speaks of the actions of a righteous man are firm when the Lord delights in his ways, thanks, Jesus.

So, as we begin this New Year, let us continue to have a tentative plan in our heart, but allow Jesus to take the wheel and sign off on the intended course. The outcome is usually more outstanding then we could have ever imagined.  So, with that said, I pray that you have a blessed year, regardless of what happens, know the Lord will establish your steps, and that is a blessing

in and of itself.  Remain encouraged, New Year an opportunity for a few new goals!!