There are so many scriptures about wisdom in the Bible that can apply to our lives.  I would hope I ask God for wisdom and knowledge in all areas of my life and pray and seek wise counsel.  I miss the mark on some things, and I know it, but I ask the Lord to have mercy upon me according to his love and kindness.  

This past weekend I went to a friend’s ordination service in the Baptist church.  I was ecstatic for her she is indeed one of Gods favorites, and I might seem bias, but I know she was the one who packed that church out because that is just the type of person she is. Anyway, three women were being ordained into the ministry and one male who was entering the diaconate.  I noticed there was not one woman on the pulpit; this did not come to my spirit until the next day when I was driving to work.  While I was there, there was not one woman who blessed the offering, did the charge, sing a solo, preach the ordination sermon, I was thinking if three women were being ordained it would have been nice to have a few women of the cloth represented.  We were in the congregation because my friend invited friends in ministry.  The pastor even noticed it when we greeted the candidates as we went around for the offering.  I saw his smile, and after the offering was blessed, he did the politically correct thing and recognized the clergy and pastors sitting in the pews. There were several seats in the pulpit, and there was not one woman there. I think it would have been nice to have seen a woman representative since the candidates were women.  Listen I do not tread upon this subject, because of the pushback and quite frankly ignorance, but if we are going to be forward thinking, proverbs tell us Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.   As a business owner, I have many students from the continent of Africa who patronize my training school. I have a staff member who speaks French and is from the Ivory Coast; this initiative increased traffic from the African diaspora to my school.  I also have Spanish employees, from the Latin island and South America; because most of the people who support my business are from the Latin community.  The Lord is advancing the kingdom, and there are many reasons why churches are not progressing forward, and one reason is the lack of presence and diversity of women clergy in strategic planning and implementation for kingdom building.  Yes, there are those who have gained wisdom and understanding and kudos to them, but there is much-needed work.  Sometimes if you take a step back, and see how things look through another set of lenses, there are specific ways of doing and being that is archaic and does not advance the Kingdom of God for such a time as this.  A few years back, I was in the Bahamas a Leadership Institute.  My beloved Pastor, who is now the Bishop Darin Moore organized the institute.  One of the Key facilitators of the workshop was Rev. Dr. Kevin Cosby, Senior Pastor of St. Stephens Church in Louisville, Kentucky; one thing Dr. Cosby said that will always stay with me; God designed cradles and coffins.   If leaders and decision-makers in the church, refuse to shift for the advancement of the kingdom, God will do the shifting. The book of James states if any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. As a woman of God, I get claustrophobic in those dominant male settings it conjures up so many memories of my youth. No, I was not molested or raped, it was just too controlling and sexist for my spirit.  I ask God to help me and continue to pray for those who think they are losing position and power and afraid of change and progressive thinking.  Remain encouraged, and God bless.