As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him. “Psalm 103:13
Today is Father’s Day. A day set aside to celebrate Dad’s. My father and I did not have one of those mushy-gushy relationships, although my friends did like being around us because we were funny or at least my father was his humor was dry. If you did not know him you would not think he was funny, but he was hilarious. I can’t tell you the things he said, because it was laced with profanities. My father was quite the opposite of my mother, so glad for the balance. When I begin to think about my father a barrage of thoughts come to mind of all the ways he showed his concern and compassion, for a few years I attended an all-girls school that was a few towns away from where I lived. So, a bus would pick me up, and he would always walk back and forth from the house to the corner to make sure I got on the bus. Of course, there were times I miss the bus, and he would put me in his car so that I could catch the bus at the next stop. I remember one time I told him go left but going left ended us up in the bushes, I meant to say the other left. One time I overate, and I was sick, and my father came into the room to ask how I was feeling and when I sat on his lap, I threw up all over him. He was not angry at all he said it was ok, but I did feel a lot better. These stories make me laugh. When I was visiting college campuses it was my father who drove me to the open house. Action best demonstrates love and compassion. There were times when he showed such a tender heart and concern for all my endeavors and crazy antics. I am so glad that some of my memories with my Father bring a smile to my face. I also feel blessed to have been surrounded by grandfather’s, uncles and brothers, and of course, that’s how I was able to discern all the excellent characteristics that my husband possesses. Today I reminisce about all the funnies and the way my father showed his love and compassion for me. We had our struggles, but it is still nice to have good memories as well. God bless you remain encouraged.