They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, “Hosanna!  John 12:13 NIV

 Many of us have been in crowds, whether we like large gatherings or not.  I have been to concerts and to ballgames where we are instructed to do the wave, or the performer will turn the mike to the audience, and we sing a lyric or two in unison.  Sometimes we are more focused on the fun and excitement of the entertainment from the crowd rather than the ball game itself. There is something about being in a crowd, quite often large crowds are on the same accord if the crowd runs everyone is running, if the crowd is chanting 9 times out of ten everyone is chanting. Groups are like waves they move together. Eric b and Rakim two well-known rappers wrote lyrics about how they can move the crowd and make them clap to this and when Eric B dropped that beat and Rakim was on the mic, they moved the crowd, we danced and clapped, and we followed the leader.    That’s what crowds do follow the leader, the question becomes what leader and why? Dictators come to power because of crowds, but crowds often get it wrong. Whether we are in a crowd or not we should never let a crowd think for us, my mother always taught me to consider the source, not everyone can speak into your life. On Palm Sunday let us never forget that one day they were welcoming Jesus with shouts of Hosanna and a few days later crucify him! crucify him! No different than today, people will celebrate you and pull you down a few days later. I encourage you to keep your Hosanna and do not allow anyone or anything to sway your praise of our savior Jesus the Christ.  God Bless.