Let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice. Look to the LORD and his strength; Seek his face always Psalm. 105:3b4

The more I read and study the word and preach the gospel, the more exuberant I feel about Resurrection Sunday!  There is something on the inside that leaps with Joy about the power of the resurrection. I have been blood washed, found not guilty for the remission of my sins.  No matter what I’m going through in life, it is insignificant in comparison to Christ carrying the cross for my redemption. I was not only born in sin but became a bigger sinner. I am not sticking my chest out because of my sin, but I know that the blood of Jesus redeems me. There is no reason not to glorify the Lord; that is enough to sing hosanna blessed be the name of the Lord!  When I begin to think about how the Lord uses a wretch like me for his glory, I can’t do anything but get happy. The lord can take broken, jacked up people and get the glory out of our life. People might label you and judge you and size you up, but God is at work using broken people for his glory. That is nothing but sufficient grace, greater grace, the Lord’s strength made perfect in our weakness.  It is my continued prayer, that no matter what tags people label you with, do not get stuck on that mess, that game, that street hustle, as the psalm writer states seek the Lord and rejoice, look to the Lord and seek his face, not sometimes, but all the time; because when we are weak the Lord is strong. So, this resurrection Sunday, enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise and rejoice that our Lord and savior got up and won the most significant fight ever fought on Calvary’s hill knowing our sins were nailed to the cross forever amen. Remain encouraged, and God bless you.