I was talking to a friend the other day and we were reminiscing about our youth and how we use to “run away from home.”  She would run away upstairs to a favorite neighbor’s house and it became such a routine, that no questions were asked and the neighbor would tell her what was on the stove for dinner and what was in the refrigerator to eat; eventually her mother would call because she knew her daughter was in a safe place.  I would run away to my grandmother’s house and my father would say “good” he did not close the screen door until I entered my grandmother’s house. My father could see my grandmother’s house from our home.  I ran away on a regular basis that it became such a routine that my grandmother would never say anything but hand me my pillows and blankets.  This was my safe place, my judgement free zone.

Well, there is nowhere to run now, as the saying goes you can run but you cannot hide and when you come out of hiding we still have the same issues before we attempted to find a place of refuge. Our loved ones will call the police and the next thing you know, Eyewitness news and CNN has your face plastered all over the television and a few days away, turns into a missing persons case.

Psalm 91 lets us know that the Lord is our refuge and fortress, in him will I trust.  There is no greater place to cast your anxiety and problems because as 1st Peter lets us know that the Lord cares for us even when we feel like we are alone. The great hymn of the church tells us There’s not a Friend like the lowly Jesus:  No, not one! None else could heal all our souls’ diseases:  No, not one! Jesus Knows all about our struggles; he will guide till the day is done there’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus no not one. When you are in direct relationship with God there is no need to run.  Isaiah tells us that the Lord offers a hiding place from the storms of life.

I am grateful that the Lord is my refuge and fortress and when life seems to become a bit overwhelming I have a place of refuge whether I am at work, home, in my car, the grocery store in other public places or quiet places.  I hope that you will allow the Lord to be your place of refuge when you might feel like running away.  God Bless