Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1st Thessalonians 5:18 NIV)

 This is the season of thanksgiving, although every day is an opportunity to give thanks, and when I look over my life, I know that I am blessed and highly favored and I do not deserve all that God has done in my life but to say that I have given thanks in all circumstances, key word here is all is certainly not true. I am certainly grateful that God has seen me through all my good days and my bad and despite my inability to be thankful in all circumstances, the Lord continues to bestow me with grace and mercy.

  Just begin to think beloved, there have been some things in our lives where we certainly did not give thanks, if anything we did the opposite we cursed, we cried, we screamed, as Marvin Gaye said there were some things in our life where it made us holla and throw up our hands, and the question was asked what’s going on? pain is not pleasurable and many of us have not gotten to the place of job where he said though he slay me yet will I trust him. This is good in theory; it sounds good, how do we translate theory into practice, and in all things, give thanks. How do we begin to say I will bless the lord always and his praises will continually be in my mouth? Without a firm foundation in God giving thanks will only remain superficial.

  Well, when many of us begin to look over our lives and we know the lord has seen us through each valley, trials and tribulations over again in our marriages, with our children, health related issues, death, tragedies, financial down turns; we can begin to think things over and know that we have had some good days, some hills to climb but all our good days out ways our bad days and we should not complain but give thanks.   We must learn how to not waver, to be consistent, and of sober mind, also steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.  Be thankful; pray and remain joyful, through all the storm clouds and disappointment’s in life; when we have learned this, we have learned how to trust God with all our heart mind and soul; to understand and know that God is sovereign and we have victory through Christ Jesus. God Bless and happy thanksgiving.