Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. (Romans 12:15 NIV)

There have been times when I looked at the nightly news and there was a Murder of someone’s family member, I was able to empathize, but I was unable to Sympathize.  Eventually, I came to identify and understand people victimized by this tragic way of losing a loved one.  I now had a change of heart and started to realize that when they mentioned the death on the news, you want the reporter to keep talking about your family member. But instead, they go on to the next story, and it just seems so cold; that one’s family members death is followed by the local weather.  You start to wish the reporter would be able to spend a few more minutes talking about how your loved one impacted the world around them.

In this text, Paul was writing to the Roman Christians who were experiencing persecution, and just reminding them not to pay evil with evil, but also rejoice and mourn with fellow believers when they are going through good times as well as difficulties.  One of the Eulogist at my family members funeral said something to me that resonates to this day; sometimes it does not matter how they died, it is more important how they lived.  That was the balm in Gilead for my spirit, to think on the good things; during all that chaos, there was a rainbow shining that enabled me to rejoice even though it was a time of mourning.  We do not know what tragedy we might experience in our lifetime, so it is good not to be callous when others are going through the storm clouds of life.  If we just live a little, we are going to have experience’s that break our heart, and we will want someone to cry with us.  But do remember, when there is no one, God will heal your broken heart and dry your tears.  I am grateful that I serve a God of comfort, who has taught me how to comfort and support others during their storm.  Remain encouraged. God bless you always.