I, the Lord, search and examine the mind, I test the heart, to give to each man according to his ways, according to the results of his deeds. (Jeremiah 17:10 AMP) 

 My girlfriend and her daughter spent a few days with me on vacation.  My husband has relatives that came over to enjoy the pool and have dinner.  My friends daughter has an American girl doll and one of the visitors who is about ten years old, the same age as my girlfriends daughter; asked to see the doll and my friends daughter told her no.  The young girl on the island will never have an American girl doll. My College roommate can buy her daughter five more over priced American girl dolls with outfits and hairdresser appointments.  I was disappointed and I told her as such and why it would have been a wonderful, kind gesture to share her American girl doll with someone who will not have the opportunity to own an American girl doll.   

If we do not train our children to be kind and have a heart for God, they will display this behavior in all areas of their life. There were other alternatives, my friends daughter could have been a “helicopter parent”and monitor her doll; if she had concerns related to the  safety or destruction of the doll.   

In this scripture, the prophet Jeremiah is letting the people know that God test mans heart and gives to each man according to our ways and results of our deeds. It is more blessed to give then receive.  I hope I am reflecting right behavior with my child and using teachable moments to reflect the heart of God.  

Some parents would have thought this behavior was satisfactory, by staying out of it, she choose not to let the little island girl look at the doll.  I told my friend this was a teachable moment. I believe it could have been a lesson taught about sharing.  Truth be told, my friend has-exhibited this behavior in the past, so until I explained my position, she did not see anything wrong with her daughters objection to sharing her American girl doll. Sometimes our adult behavior matures and sometimes we exhibit the same childish, selfish behavior as an adult. We must be mindful of how we navigate our children’s  independence in making choices that reflect godly behavior.  Lord, help me navigate my children’s independence that prayerfully reflect you’re presence in their life.