Whoever says he lives in Christ (that is whoever says he has accepted him as God and Savior) ought to walk and conduct himself just as he walked and conducted himself. (1st John 2:6 AMP) 

 I have many friends and associates who often talk about how their relationship is personal with God and we should all have a personal relationship that is constantly evolving.  I would venture to say the relationship my friends talk about is casual. I do believe my friends and associates love the Lord, but I want all of us to do better in a loving relationship in Christ.  When you are striving to be in right relationship with Christ, you want to work out your soul salvation and a major component of this personal relationship is ascribing to follow the tenants of the the word of God.  God wants us to have personal devotion and prayer as well as worship and fellowship with other believers.  When one truly has a growing relationship with Christ you’re concern for the foolishness in the church does not bother you, because you are following and pleasing what thus says the Lord. We should try to be like Christ as this scripture states; will we be perfect? No, but we should strive to walk and conduct ourselves like the one we “claim” to have the personal relationship with.  Kyle Idleman, the Pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY wrote the book, Not a Fan explained how many people claim to have a relationship with Christ, but they are actually fans.  People treat Christ like he is a rock star.  They say things like “I love what Christ represents and what the word of God expresses, but I do not want to take up my Cross and follow Christ.” 

Bob Marley is known as a musical genius some call him a Prophet, but are we living in peace, love and harmony or just singing the popular poetic lyrics. We would be considered fans of Bob Marley, and this is how we treat Christ.  

When I look at the world, dictators, rumors of war, poverty, destruction, financial selfishness and greed, many are fans and not followers. If we live in Christ our light would shine with the light Christ left for us and walk and conduct ourselves as followers and not Fans.  Lord help us who claim to live in Christ not form our own theology, but keep you as our focus and do what is pleasing in your sight and not consider it such a chore.