When I was a young girl, one of my most favorite things to do was watch shows related to super heroes especially female super heroes such as Wonder Women and the Bionic Women.  I enjoyed the story line between good and evil, the suspense was breath taking, but good always won.  Spiderman and the Hulk was also amongst my favorites.  My Husband said to me one day “how many times are you going to watch that Spiderman movie.”  I do not know why I kept watching that movie, maybe I wanted to fly through the air, maybe I wanted to defend the weak and defeat evil.  Maybe I wanted to have wonder woman’s bracelets and the bionic  woman’s bionic strength.

 Well, at this point in life it looks like it’s not going to happen.  As an adult you realize Spiderman, hulk, wonder woman and the bionic woman are fictional characters, the only superhero and awesome power in our life is the power of God who has the ability to dispatch angels.  We can go to God in prayer, no matter our location.  Sometimes you might have to call on the name of God on your job, in the grocery store, at your children’s school, no matter the place, God is available.  I am reminded of a devotional song that says “when I call on God he will come to my rescue any time any place anywhere.”  The bible says The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. (Prov18:10 NKJV)

 When I was young in the Pentecostal church we use to call on the name of Jesus, I am so glad that I know that there is power in the name of Jesus and whatever the situation, calling on the name of Jesus brings such peace in the midst of life’s most challenging storms. I am glad that I can call on the name of Jesus even when the storm clouds of life are not raging I can just say thank you Lord, I just want to thank you Lord for being with me through it all, the good and the bad.  Some people rely on self and things of this world, but all of these things will pass away and do not offer consistency.  God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  God Bless.